10 Red flags that reveal you are hiring the wrong photo booth! 

10 Red flags that reveal you are hiring the wrong photo booth! 

1. Insurance? What?

Your photo booth MUST be insured! What can go wrong? …well… This is probably the most important event of your life.  Your Venue, Caterer, Coordinator, DJ, Photographer and even your cake vendor will most likely have insurance. It is just as important that your photo booth entertainment does as well. This separates a professional from an amateur.

2. How many people will be at your event?

The majority of photo booths, professionals or amateurs will trick you with this question in order to charge you more per guest!  They will give you a quote based on the number of guests that you are inviting.  Just do the simple math! If you hire a photo booth for two hours the number of your guests doesn’t matter… it matters of course for dinner plates or a cake head count…. But it does not apply for a photo booth! People will line up to get their picture taken…Go by the hour packages …2, 3, 4, 5 hours depending how long you want to entertain your guests. You should not be charged for 300 people when only 200 want to line up… That simple!

3. Unlimited Prints yes we do those! …??

 Most vendors advertise unlimited photos at events but it would be smart to have “unlimited” defined.   Here is why…

If 5 people are in the booth, 5 people should get a copy and then an additional copy should be made for the Guestbook if you chose to have this add- on.  For some companies, unlimited means 2 copies per session.  That means that out of those 5 people, 2 will get photo strips.  Ask the vendor to be specific.

4. We design your photo strips!

 Watch out for this closely!

Yes, most vendors customize the photo strips with names and date. This is called the Header.  But ask to see what this looks like and if it is for sure personalized according to your event’s theme!  You must request a sample of what the end product will look like.

It may not sound like a big deal but these strips are the one thing that guests hold onto long after your wedding or event It leaves a lasting impression and a reminder of this perfect day…so why not give them the best. 

 5. Your photos “after the event”….

 I have never heard of a company not providing post event photos.  But make sure you confirm what their “after” really means. Same night/day? Or …a month …a year after?  The delivery of those photos may vary. Usually the options are DVD, Flash-drive, and/or Online Hosting.

6. We have the best photo booth in town! …

 Really? Show me!

That may sound like a silly question, but it is not. Even though you see a picture of a photo booth on a website, this does not mean that this is what will show up at your wedding or event. Look for several pictures that show their photo booth, look them up on Facebook as well, google it! Any inconsistence on their looks will be your RED FLAG. Do not sign a contract if you are not sure of what will show up.  We live in an age of cheap knock-offs where the adage “Buyer Beware” really applies. There are many versions of photo booths.  There are actual booths, and then there are pipe and drapes, tents, boxes with a camera on top, etc.   All need to be seen to make an informed decision about whether or not it is a good match for your event. Disappointment at the event is way, way too late.

7. Guest book? Yes sure! We have that!

 …Again! …really? Show me! ….

8. We include everything!

 Careful! Make sure they are on your same page on what EVERYTHING means…

That depends on the vendor, but as a consumer you can request all Add-ons be included in the quoted package price.  Such Add-on items are Props, Guestbook, Online Hosting and Customized Headers.

However, many companies charge extra for these items and that is why you should always ask up front about what exactly is included in that promotional price.  Individually these add-ons can blow up the end cost of the rental package.  Price shopping is not always a guarantee of saving money.

9. Yes we have a box of cool props!

Wait! …a box?  … BOX?

This is a fair question even if they are included in the package for free. What you have in mind and what they supply may not be the same. Look for quality props. Ask them for pictures, those should be posted on their social media as well. Keep away from hiring a photo booth with cardboard props … that will make you look cheap and not classy at all.

10. We have the latest technology!

 Make sure you are hiring a photo booth with high standards on technology.  Canon or Nikon cameras offer the best photo quality images. Make sure they are not using a webcam of a cheap unknown brand. This is very important! Also ask them what type of printer/ink etc. Cheap printers will take ages to print and the colors will fade. A Professional photo booth printer should print your pictures in a maximum of 15 seconds and the paper should be water resistant. …Also check on the lighting quality they are using. And most important of all, make sure you are hiring a company whose owners have an extended professional background on photography.

Good luck on your search! 😉


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