The Short Life of Wedding Favors

Traditionally, brides and grooms would buy wedding favors to distribute to all of their guests. But ordering a peal rosary when your guests may practice another religion, or ordering a silver wine stopper when some guests don’t drink alcohol, doesn’t make sense.

That means you are limited as to which wedding favors to buy. Usually, you’re limited to almonds or candles – the “one-size-fits-all” type of gift. However, most brides today want to be unique with their wedding favors and gifts.

It’s your special day, and you want to treat your guests with a special gift to take home and remember your most special day forever!  Candles burn out and thrown away, almonds may get forgotten at the table, wedding boxes matching your wedding colors, or beer koozie will end up in your guest’s kitchen drawer or discarded.

One great thing about wedding favors today is that personalization has become very affordable.  You can individualize your wedding favors and personalize them to each guest, depending on your budget and time constraints. However, again, most party favors will have a short life and will sooner or later end up in the trash. Where did your money go? Will your guests have something physically on their hands to help them remember your wedding day a year from now?

As a bride/groom, you have endless choices in the market as to the style and color of your wedding favor containers. You can find all kinds of wedding favors, ranging from cheap and plentiful to expensive and rare. But, again, you desire your guests to remember your most special day years after your wedding!

Favors range from $0.99 to $ 5.75 and up! That’s a lot of money only to end up in a kitchen drawer isn’t it? If you want to give your guests a very special gift and be remembered with joy, then you should consider spending your money wisely. Hiring a professional photo booth not only brings fun to your party, but also provides each of your guests several pictures to take home! And those photo strips will likely be on their fridge for YEARS to come!

There are plenty of photo booths out there, however you must be cautious and wise when hiring a booth supplier.

Here are few things that will help you find the perfect wedding favor when renting a photo booth:

Ask them to show you samples of their pictures.

Ask them to show you their photo booth set up. Don’t go cheap! This might ruin the beautiful decoration at your wedding venue.

Ask them if each of your guests will receive a copy of their picture! Most of photo booths will trick you, saying you’ll get “unlimited” prints, that aren’t truly unlimited.

Read their reviews and testimonials.

Confirm what all is included in their packages.

Ask them if they will personalize the photo strips with your wedding colors, invitation card, names and date. You want your party favor to be custom made. After all, this millennial gift of pictures are the type favors that will remain forever and you want them PERFECT!

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You Truly DO “Get What You Paid For”

We received a call from a client asking us to cancel her photo booth agreement for her quinceañera party happening the following month. She told us she had found a “cheaper” photo booth. We explained to her that the deposit she had paid was not refundable as we had secured her date and unable to fill that date with another client.

She understood and went with the other company. Shortly later she called us back and decided to hire us for her best friend’s wedding! We asked her what happened with the photo booth company she hired for her quinceañera earlier. She went on the explain how she was very disappointed and told us about the horrifying things that happened at her event. She was very kind and even shared a picture of the horrible photo booth that showed up at her daughter’s most important day! She said, “I couldn’t believe their set up was made out of plastic shower curtain! The pictures were so blurry and their props were all over the place.”

Here’s a photo she provided of the unsightly booth, beside our set up:

Moral: When you’re challenged with the task of selecting a photo booth, do your research. For example with a free-standing booth, ask the size of their touchscreen. Most of our competitors use a webcam, of which are unable to show the vivid details of your photos – not to mention the difficultly your guests will have seeing and operating it. At Stop The Time Photobooths, we only use Canon Cameras, and you get all your original photos on high resolution, so, if you want to enlarge the best photo, the high quality will remain the same!

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